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Our Buyers Guide is packed with useful information vital to your purchase of impact resistant windows or other storm protection devices.  The protection of your property is an important investment.

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Unit Conversions for Southwest Florida Weather Measurements

New Code Hurricane Resistant Windows & Doors aims to be more than the manufacturer, distributor, installer and supporter of the highest quality, best looking hurricane and impact resistant windows and doors to Southwest Florida. Information is instrumental to understanding the complex Southwest Florida weather conditions including the most destructive storm know to man; The Hurricane. This website is intended to be used as a COMPLETE resource for Florida residents while looking for the best new and replacement hurricane and impact resistant windows and doors!

The conversion table below is intended to help Florida residents better understand exactly how Florida weather affects and impacts our lives. It is an interesting tool that enables quick conversions from one unit of measure to other commonly used units of measure. This conversion/calculation tool also includes calculators to determine the factors that are commonly used to determine how our Florida weather, like the heat index or wind chill, impacts people.

Instead of rushing to fasten the hurricane shutters when the next hurricane season approaches, install New Code Windows and Doors hurricane and impact resistant windows and doors now so you can return to this website to run conversions and calculations while the stormy daylight shines through your beautiful impact resistant windows!

Wind Speed
Enter a wind speed in any one of the four text fields to convert to the other three wind speeds.
MPH: Km/h: Knots: Meters/Second:

Enter a temperature in either text field to convert to Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Fahrenheit: Celsius:

Relative Humidity
Enter a temperature and a dew point to determine relative humidity.

Temperature: °F °C Dew Point: Relative Humidity:

Wind Chill
Enter a temperature and a wind speed to determine wind chill.
Note: temperatures must be between -50°F/-50°C and 50°F/10°C.
Temperature: °F °C Wind Speed: MPH Knots Wind Chill:

Heat Index
Enter a temperature and a relative humidity to determine heat index.
Temperature: °F °C Relative Humidity: Heat Index:

Enter any one of the three pressure measurements to determine the other two.
Millibars: Inches: Millimeters:
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