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Our Buyers Guide is packed with useful information vital to your purchase of impact resistant windows or other storm protection devices.  The protection of your property is an important investment.

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Hurricane "Shutter Free" Is Better With New Code Hurricane Windows & Doors

While New Code Windows now offers hurricane shutters to give our clients complete home hurricane protection solutions, in most cases we recommend you...Step out of the dark ages… Upgrade your safety, your Florida home security and your sense of well being by replacing your hurricane shutters with New Code Hurricane resistant windows.

New Code Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors proudly proclaims hurricane shutters, as well as all of the negatives associated with hurricane shutters, obsolete for Florida home owners. With New Code Windows and Doors, hurricane shutters have no place on your home. Florida homes are once again free to display the architecture of their design rather than the afterthought, after market dismantled folding chairs hanging on each side of every window that hurricane shutters so often look like. If at some point your Florida home ended up with hurricane shutters, consider restoring your Florida home to its original grandeur by removing these Hurricane shutters. With New Code Windows and Doors, Hurricane shutters are unnecessary. More than an affront to the aesthetic appeal your Florida home was designed with, hurricane shutters are a clear indication to potential intruders that your Florida home has fragile, easy to break windows.

While visual appeal has to be considered a factor in the choice of beautiful New Code Hurricane resistant doors and windows over hurricane shutters, when it comes to sunny Florida homes, the reasons to step up to New Code hurricane impact resistant windows are substantially greater than simply aesthetics.

As severe weather approaches, the best place to be is on a ladder two stories up on your Florida home playing with latched hinges and locks on your hurricane shutters, right? Every time a hurricane approaches, the Florida coast residents needlessly struggle with ladders and screws and hardware securing hurricane shutters in order to protect windows from hurricane force winds. As the storm subsides and the hurricane season comes to a close, Florida residents again needlessly fight with ladders, screws and hardware preparing their hurricane shutters for the balance of the year. A better choice for Florida residents than risking life and limb in the seasonal battle with hurricane shutters is New Code replacement Windows and Doors. New Code Windows and Doors don’t need cheesy wood or plastic covers to protect them. In fact, New Code Windows resist hurricane forces better than hurricane shutters.

After replacing your existing windows with New Code Hurricane Resistant Windows, your Florida home will never need to have the hatches battened down again. You will never stand on a ladder to swing your hurricane shutters closed nor have one of the denizens of the Florida nights crawl out onto you or fly into your face.

Don’t turn your sunny Florida home into a cave ever again with Hurricane shutters- instead, stand proud and stare down the debris Florida hurricanes hurl only a few inches from the storm on the inside of your New Code Florida hurricane impact resistant windows as Art and Lynne Armstrong of Punta Gorda, Florida did during Hurricane Charlie. (Click here to watch their Discovery Channel feature story)

Save yourself the hassle, the danger and time of dealing with hurricane shutters and call New Code Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors for the most beautiful, secure hurricane resistant windows you can buy for your Florida home. New Code impact security windows and security doors are also more secure against burglars and intruders than hurricane shutters.

Upgrade your Florida home and your Florida life: replace your existing Florida window/hurricane shutter combo with New Code hurricane impact resistant windows.

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